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joey pivotlift hero background pattern The First of its Kind THE JOEY
weight icon Lightweight
Only 620 lbs.
rotate icon Turns 360°
inside of 50"
STARTING AT Our revolutionary JOEY turns
360° inside of 50"
Contact Us * In stock items usually
ship in 3 business days
Man on Joey Pivotlift Icon Lasts an average
8 hour work day*

Financing Available

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30 Day Returns

We offer returns within 30 days of purchase.

More Efficient than a Ladder

More versatile and safer than a 6ft ladder


Drivable, Durable, Versatile.

The first of its kind, JOEY is designed to take the place of
an average ladder. The versatility and safety that our JOEY
offers is bar none compared to other incline equipment.

Specs & Highlights

A marvel of engineering that's both compact and agile.

rear view of joey pivotlift
Spring Loaded Bat Wing Doors

Spring Loaded Bat Wing Doors

Built in Tool Tray

Built in Tool Tray

350 lbs. Weight Limit

350 lbs. Weight Limit

Cruise to Your Next Job
Safely and Securely.

Our JOEY operates with an ergonomic joystick controller making it easy for even a novice operator to control the unit. Moreover, our pivotlift is complete with an emergency pull / push stop switch and a safety contact for elevation controls, keeping the operator’s safety top of mind.

Less Fatigue
More Production

With its ability to maneuver in tight spaces and its lightweight body, the JOEY is capable of replacing clunky 6 foot ladders. Keep your employees productive by offering a drivable elevation unit that can transport tools and employees all in one efficient trip.

Overall Width 28.5 inches

Overall Width 28.5 inches

Overall Height 58 inches

Overall Height 58 inches

Platform Height Raised 61.5 inches

Platform Height Raised 61.5 inches

joey pivot lift fully extended next to a ladder
Turns 360° inside of 50 inches
Emergency pull / push stop switch
Safety two contact push button elevation switch
Built in tray for tools
Spring loaded bat wing doors
Replaces a 6 foot ladder
Range Lasts an average 8 hour work day*
Weight 620 lbs. Unoccupied
Dimensions 28.5 in. (W), 40.5 in. (L), 58 in. (H)
Charge Time A completely dead battery requires an overnight charge
Platform heights Lowered 14.5 in., Raised 61.5 in.

*No recharge required on a typical 8 hour work day, steady and constant use time may vary.

Where is JOEY
best used?

JOEY Pivotlift is best used in these industries: construction, home improvement, hospitality, tourism, municipalities, maintenance, healthcare & hospitals, high-rises, apartment buildings, airports, schools & gyms, retail, farms, warehouses, and more.

Who uses
the JOEY pivotlift?

Our Pivotlift benefits all trades, including: janitors & custodians, electricians, plumbers, dry-wallers, HVAC crews, carpenters, brick & block masons, boilermakers, elevator technicians, avionic technicians, aircraft mechanics, aviation inspectors, metal fabricators & welders, warehouse staff and more.


Shipping Time?

Shipping of in stock items usually ship within (3) three business days.

Warranty & Returns?

We offer returns for 30-days after purchase. Warranty applies to repair and parts, and that is for 2-Years from purchase date.

Financing Options?

Contact us for Financing Options

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