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Where is JOEY
best used?

JOEY Pivotlift is best used in these industries: construction, home improvement, hospitality, tourism, municipalities, maintenance, healthcare & hospitals, high-rises, apartment buildings, airports, schools & gyms, retail, farms, warehouses, and more.

Who uses
the JOEY pivotlift?

Our Pivotlift benefits all trades, including: janitors & custodians, electricians, plumbers, dry-wallers, HVAC crews, carpenters, brick & block masons, boilermakers, elevator technicians, avionic technicians, aircraft mechanics, aviation inspectors, metal fabricators & welders, warehouse staff and more.


Joey Pivot Lift 60S

Working Height 11.5 Foot

Joey Pivot Lift 70S

Working Height 13 Foot

Joey Pivot Lift 70SR

Working Height 13 Foot

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